About Us

Who are we?

We are a software startup. Our goal is to make everyone's lives better by solving problems through clever technology. We shape tomorrow's digital transformation by prioritising our customers' needs.

We understand people's demands and offer innovative solutions. Our expertise includes Fintech, Web3 and Blockchain, with over 30 distinct sub-services. We are enthusiastic about manufacturing practical utilities and services that are accessible from anywhere. We're also passionate about cats!


Why Choose Us?

As Shuushi Team, we differentiate ourselves by offering over 30 sub-services in Fintech, Blockchain and Web3 areas.


If you want to grow your business quickly and securely, our software solutions are designed to meet your needs. Our speedy, dependable, and effective software enables smooth business management without disruptions.


We redefine efficiency. Utilising our software to expedite your business operations and decrease expenditure, you have the opportunity to maximise your business potential.


We provide dependable software solutions for rapidly growing enterprises. As you expand your business swiftly, we prioritize security and efficiency without compromising on them. We help you save ample time and energy.


Our Story

Here is a brief roadmap of what we have achieved since our inception and what we are aiming for in the future.

Our Team

Core Team

Our team's expertise spans multiple industries including Blockchain, Web3, Fintech, Development, Marketing and Research.


Enes Demir


Enes has previously worked for various international companies in industries such as Crypto, Fintech, and Web3. He specialised in R&D, and received several awards for his work.

Presently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Shuushi and leads their Development & Marketing department.


Atakan Tasdelen


Previously, Atakan has worked in a range of Middle Eastern companies across sectors such as Crypto, SaaS, and Tech, with a focus on social media and artificial intelligence.

Presently, he is the Chief Operating Officer at Shuushi, where he is responsible for leading the Social Media and Design department.


Omer Topcu


Omer has previously worked in the software industry at various Middle Eastern firms, specializing in sectors such as SaaS, Agency, and Technology.

Presently, he is the position of Chief Technology Officer at Shuushi, with responsibility for leading the Software department.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have provided some information about Shuushi. If you require additional details, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

What's Shuushi doing?

Technology has become an essential part of today's business world. We follow the latest trends in the industry, create creative solutions and deliver the perfect software experience for your business.

Which sectors do you work with?

Our team has worked in areas such as Fintech, Crypto, Web3, SaaS, and Technology. However, we are open to new ideas and improvements, we may perform work in any industry.

How can I join the team?

You can send us your CV and the position you want to apply for as {Applied Position + Name} from careers@shuushi.com. Our team will get back to you within 1-2 weeks about the next steps.

What are the service fees?

Our fees are subject to change on the basis of the size of the project, the platform in use and the number of staff required. Please feel free to contact us at info@shuushi.com for more information.

Software Languages

We typically use React.Js, JavaScript, Next.Js, PHP, HTML, CSS, Flutter, Solidity, React Native and Python programming languages in our projects.

Mobile Application Development

We have the capability to create mobile applications using both Flutter and React Native. Additionally, we offer Mobile Wallets as one of the alternative options for development.

Data Analytics

Creating databases using various software languages, including MySQL and Power BI, can elevate your company to the next level with the panels we have developed.


We have the capability to resolve and enhance the optimisation dilemmas of numerous software, including websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

Strategic Partnership

Together with Shuushi, we can create collaborative projects and establish strategic partnerships. To learn more, please contact us at info@shuushi.com.

Marketing Cooperation

Would you be interested in a marketing co-operation with Shuushi? If so, please reach out to us at marketing@shuushi.com and provide an introduction to your project.

Press & Media

Are you a media professional? Kindly get in touch with us at press@shuushi.com, and we will furnish you with comprehensive details regarding stages like interviews.

AMA & Sponsorship

To discuss AMA events and sponsorship agreements, please contact us at info@shuushi.com.


Get In Touch

Any question? Get in touch with us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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